About the Authors

Sam Kennedy

Sam first discovered how liberating dance could feel at Bonnaroo in 2013. Since then, he has been exploring ecstatic dance in Seattle and around the world. Sam is a licensed mental health counselor, with a Masters in Existential and Phenomenology psychology as well as training in various Somatic approaches. Dance has become one of his most important tools for getting into his body and accessing play – and he wanted to write a book to share some of the ways he gets out of his brain and expands beyond his patterns.

Contact: WhatsApp: “*ask Andrew*”

Andrew Noske

Andrew discovered ecstatic dance in 2012, when he first moved to the San Francisco bay area, and hasn’t stopped going. Andrew is a proud Australian with a background in engineering, a PhD in neuroscience, and a passion for latin dance, but has always seen ecstatic dance as his ultimate creative outlet away from the very “serious folk” that work in science and engineering. One day he decided he wanted to write a book about all the various creative things he had seen and felt in dance.

Contact: Facebook “Andrew Noske” / andrew.noske@gmail.com