The Book

After months of careful writing and editing it's ready! Our book is called "The Little Book of Dance Inspiration: Unlocking freedom in movement & authenticity in dance" and includes some amazing content !


This book won’t tell you how to dance. It will inspire you how to feel. How to unleash your creative dance genius. To grow. Never again will you feel stagnant or stuck on the dance floor. Never again will you run out of moves. Unlock your inner child, roar, roll on the floor, leap, pause, spin, change your perspective and learn how to dance with others in a way that will touch your heart. Each page has stunning and inspiring images and ideas for dance.

The Little Book of Dance Inspiration” is a juicy book of ideas that will bring joy to anyone who enjoys free dancing in their living room, in an ecstatic dance church, or in modern dance. Some people dance to perform for others... some people just dance to bring themselves joy.