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Of the hundreds of types of dance, this website is all about "conscious" dance events. What does that mean? A “conscious dance” is a term we use for any dance that emphasizes free, uninhibited movement, conscious presence and self-expression, often in a group setting. There are many practices and styles that meet this description, and on this page we'll list out the main ones, roughly in order of popularity. Please contact us if we missed any!

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance is a is form of dance that emphasizes free, uninhibited movement and self-expression, often in a group setting.

Contact Improvisation

Contact improvisation (contact improv for short) is a type of improvised dance where two or more people move together, exploring the physical contact between them and responding to each other's movements.


5Rhythms is a movement practice that involves five different "rhythms" or modes of movement - flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness - which are used to explore different aspects of the self and release emotions.

Authentic Movement

Authentic movement is a form of movement exploration that involves closing the eyes and moving in response to internal impulses and sensations, with the goal of accessing deeper levels of awareness and self-expression.


Biodanza is a dance-based system of personal growth that emphasizes connection, joy, and the expression of emotions through movement.

Trance Dance

Trance dance a type of dance that involves moving to rhythmic music or drumming, often with hyperventilation, with the goal of achieving an altered state of consciousness or accessing deeper levels of the self.

Soul Motion

Soul Motion is a conscious dance practice based on mindfulness and presence, integrating elements of dance, yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices. Soul Motion focuses on four relational landscapes: (1) Dance Intimate (dance alone). (2) Dance Communion (dance with another). (3) Dance Community (dance with everyone). (4) Dance Infinite (dance with spirit).

Open Floor

Open Floor is a style of movement and dance that encourages self-expression, creativity, and connection with others. It is a free-form movement practice that draws from various disciplines including dance, mindfulness, psychology, and spirituality.

Alixir Dance

The power and freedom of movement - when bodies, minds and spirits gather in a community-minded dance experience.

Other (Localized Practices)